Rubikon 2022

712 votes, average 4.5 out of 10

It starts with the appearance of Hannah, a fighter for one of those companies, and Gavin, a scientific expert, showing up at the eponymous space station — a helpful global exertion that in some way actually exists in this world, notwithstanding the film’s innate skepticism about how covetous, forceful, self-intrigued, and heartless for human existence those different enterprises are. They’re here to assist with proceeding with crafted by Dimitri, who has fostered a green growth that is equipped for giving self-supported climate of breathable oxygen in a restricted space. Clearly, this could be an answer for the planet’s contamination, and all the more clearly, it’ll ensure that the threesome left on board the station will not need to stress over breathing when everything goes to terrible.

Duration: 110 Min